Kyoto Samurai House

300 years old Samurai Residence. Authentic cultural experience

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Amazing Experience
Beyond your Expectations


Greetings from OKAMI

An Authentic and Enriching Experience

Kyoto Samurai House, a 300-year-old samurai residence, once home to the esteemed Mori family, descendants of Mori Ranmaru, a devoted servant of Oda Nobunaga. The family resided here to safeguard the nearby Nishi Honganji temple, a revered World Heritage site. The tea room, complete with a tea garden and nijiriguchi (small crawl-in entrance), remains unaltered since the Mori family's occupancy.
Experience the rich culture and traditions of Kyoto at this historic samurai residence, offered in several languages. Our goal is not to provide a run-of-the-mill tourist experience, but to immerse you in an authentic and enriching slice of traditional Kyoto, complete with warm hospitality that will make you feel as though you are visiting the home of a close Japanese friend.


Authentic Exerience with Kimono that

Enrich Your Life

Tea Ceremony

wtih Kimono


Experience the serenity of a traditional tea ceremony with a Kimono (Kimono rental included) in our authentic tea room, located within a 300-year-old samurai house. Savor the taste of organic matcha (Powered green tea), prepared ceremoniously, and learn about how to make matcha with a bamboo whisk or taste up to 4 varieties of sake or 2 shots of Japanese Whisky. To capture your memorable moments, please enjoy taking photogenic pictures with our traditional wedding Kimono (Ladies only) and samurai sword in the samurai house.
*Minimum 2 people*

Flower arrangement

with Kimono


Discover the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement wth wearing Kimono or Yukata, (Kimono or Yukata rental included) dating back to the 6th century, with our Ikebana experience. Learn the fundamentals and philosophy behind Ikebana and discover the traditional Japanese way to arrange fresh flowers. Select flowers and arrange them according to your feelings. Please enjoy taking photos with your creation and you may also bring them home as a souvenir. *Minimum 2 people*

Sake & Whisky Tasting

with Yukata


Sake and Whisky tasting (10 shots of sake and 5 shots of whisky)  with Yukata (Yukata rental included). Experience the unique flavours of Japan's signature rice wine - sake or Nihonshu and Japanese Whisky, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Yoichi, Hakushu etc. We offers a variey of authentic, locally brewed sake from different regions of Japan. Unlock the secrets of sake with English explanantions while indulging in appetizers. *Minimum 2 people*


Private tea ceremony

from 2 to 7 people

Charter this historical Samurai House!

Private Tea Ceremony with Kimono

in the authentic Samurai house tea room with Nijiriguchi

Experience the way of tea and Kimono
¥12000 per person 

Experience the way of tea in a historical and traditional tea room in a 300-year-old samurai house with an authentic Tea Ceremony. This is the only place that you can experience a tea ceremony in a historical tea room of Samurai house in Kyoto. Learn about how to enjoy the powered green tea (Matcha) in a ceremonial way and experience an traditional tea ceremony in the tea room. Since there is a deep relationship between tea ceremony and Zen, as the phrase 'Cha-zen-ichimi' ‘茶禅一味’ suggests, we will share the way of meditation, and our guests will meditate for 1 to 3 minutes in the hall or in the tea room before starting the tea ceremony. Afterthat, try your hand at making your own matcha with a bamboo whisk or taste 2 different Japanese Whisky (Yamazaki, Hakushu) or taste up to 4 varieties of Japanese sake.
We serve only the high grade organic Matcha locally sourced from Kyoto, Uji. 
For children of ages 6 -12 are ¥8000 per person.
For children of ages 0 - 5,  are free. (Sitting in only, without kimono & Matcha) 
*Minimum 2 people*
For groups more than 8 people please see our plan for group below.

Tea ceremony for group

For 8 people and more

Charter this historical Samurai House!

Private group Tea Ceremony with Kimono

for group more than 8 people (70-90mins)

Experience the way of tea and Kimono
¥10000 per person for Group

Experience the way of tea in our historical and traditional tea room in a 300-year-old samurai house. We will have the tea ceremony in a large tatmi room (ohiroma). After the Tea ceremony, we offer sake tasting up to 3 varieties of Japanese sake.
Please enjoy taking photogenic pictures with Japanese folding and samurai sword in the samurai house.
Group special offer: Win Tosenkyo (Tossing fans game) and get all group members a kimono as a gift!
From 8 people to 20 people, ¥10000 per person
From 21 people to 30 people, ¥9000 per person
For group more than 30 people, pleaes make an enquiry.
*We could provide chairs for group with 12 people for tea ceremony*


For all the custmors who wants

Create an unforgettable memory!

Taking Photos with Swords (Katana) 

Photogenic pictures with samurai swords.
Enjoy your Souvenir photo time for free. We will suggest the best samurai poses ideas for you!

Special Gift for Couples and ladies 

We are excited to assist you in celebrating your Honeymoon or anniversary, couples, ladies. For guests who reserve our tea ceremony with Kimono experience. We will prepare a Japanese wedding Kimono for ladies to try on for free.

SPECIAL Gift for groups

Please choose from the following 3 options!

Tosenkyo/ Japanese traditional dance/ Sword performance

Fan tossing game (Only for GROUPS joining a tea ceremony )

We offer Fan tossing game (Tosenkyo) to groups coming for tea ceremony. Tosenkyo is an old aristocratic game where you toss a fan to hit the target. It is a game where you compete for points with the fallen fan and the shape of a target. Everyone who win this game can get a silk kimono for free.

Japanese Traditional Dance or Katana Performance (Only for GROUPS joining a tea ceremony )

Japanese traditional dance or Katana (Samurai swords) performance is available randomly. For groups have a preference for the performance, please contact us in advance.




For reservations please provide the following information: 
1. Desired experience name & date & time ( 1st choice/ 2nd choice/ 3rd choice) 
2. Number of people(men/ women) " minimum 2 people"
3. Nationality 
For booking online, advance payment is required. (Visa, Mastercard available)
Cancellation policy 
We require 2 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival date, otherwise will charge you a cancellation fee as below.
*50% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel 1 day prior.
*100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel on your scheduled arrival date day or no show. 


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an 8-minute walk from Kyoto Station.

Head one street west from Nishi-dorein street or two street east from Horikawa-street.

It is located on Higashi Nakasuji Street, approximately 50 meters north from Shichijo Street